First, we focus on the entrepreneur. If we see unstoppable passion, fiery competitive instincts, and a deep commitment, then we look at your idea. If your idea has the potential to disrupt a major industry, great. But if it is a niche play that has the potential to turn into a solid small to medium sized business, we’re still listening. Unlike many venture folks, we are focused on hitting base hits, and some double and triples. We certainly enjoy it when one of our companies hits it out of the park, but we’re focused on solid business fundamentals and achieving good returns consistently.

When you submit your investment proposal to Abstraction Ventures, you need to tell us:

  • Who you are and why you will be successful
  • Who else is doing what you are proposing, and if it is new, why nobody else has had your idea yet.
  • What you are going to do to keep an edge in your space once you launch
  • How you plan to scale the business and make money
  • If you have a social impact angle to your business, tell us about it – we like that. But, don’t fake it, we don’t require social impact to be a component of all of our companies even though many of them are.